Italian driver Tommaso Lovati will participate in the ACCR Formula 4 championship with Lema Racing Team this season

Lovati is no stranger to formula racing, although he started his career in 2017 in a Renault Twingo Cup in the “Rally in Circuit Championship”. “I got on board a Renault Twingo to do a few laps on the Grobnik track and immediately, I felt at home. I enjoyed it so much that for the next two years, I raced in the championship, winning the junior category,” the Italian recalled.

However, the 18-year-old from Villa Vicentina switched to formula cars entering the the Italian FX Championship. “I was able to fight for top positions right from the beginning, and at the end of the year, I won the amateur category and finished second overall.” The following season, he moved up to the next category FX3, where he demonstrated again that he could win. “Unfortunately things didn’t work out well with the team, so we split up.”

Although Lovati knows how to be competitive, he understands that ACCR Formula 4 is another ball game. “The differences in terms of the car are enormous, starting with the much more powerful engine, the carbon fiber chassis and, above all, the lateral forces generated by the car’s much higher level of downforce.”

Hence, his goal for his debut season is “getting to grips with the car as quickly as possible and being be able to fight for wins as soon as possible.”


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