The circuit scene was significantly boosted this year by the ESET RaceStar project, in which one of the circuit race promoters in the Central European region, Ing. Josef Křenek, took significant role. For the coming season, this talent support and talent search program will also be represented in the new ACCR FORMULA Championship powered by ESET.

Support and talent search are one of the many goals by Ing. Josef Křenek. “Our aim is to make it easier for beginners, but also to help with their performance and move forward, ideally to world championship series. But it’s not just about the results, it’s important how the drivers perform and work together. In addition, they must also be able to present themselves in the media. We try to help them in those areas also, “said Josef Křenek

“Formula 4 is an ideal transfer station for go-kart drivers, it can be raced from the age of 15 and the costs for the season do not exceed those go-karts by much,” Křenek continued. “We have only recently decided to enter Formula 4, although we have some idea of ​​the choice of drivers, nothing is decided and nothing is impossible. So if someone dreams of becoming a race driver and doesn’t know how to do it, they have such a unique chance and can contact us, “added Josef Křenek. The ESET RaceStar project will thus support two Formula 4 Tatuus T-421 cars in the Central European region championship.

The new generation of the Tatuus formula from the Italian manufacturer will have a Fiat Abart turbo engine with a volume of 1.4 liters and an output of 180 hp. The cars uses a number of improvements to protect the driver, including the “Halo” safety system above the cockpit, known from F1. In addition, cars have an improved monocoque with higher side impact protection and impact structures that absorb more energy in the case of a collision. To approve formula 4, the vehicle had to pass 20 prescribed tests from FIA.


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